Frustrated by slow downloads on your PC?

Frustrated by slow downloads on your PC?

We have all been there. What is supposed to be a quick PDF download becomes a test of patience and determination. Will the download take three minutes or 30? Some days you do not have time to roll the dice: You want the files you download to take less time than, say, constructing a full-scale model of the Golden Gate bridge.

With that in mind, I rounded up some reasons your downloads and your computer in general have slowed down.

Reason #1: A security issue

What is that old saying about hating to be the bearer of bad news? Well, it certainly applies here. Your speed could be bogged down if your systems are infected in any way. Hackers will use your systems to send out spam emails, steal your contacts, track browsing sites and habits and deliver invasive and targeted ads. Consider professional support for your laptops and desktops, factory resets for your mobile devices and a replacement networking system, such as one of the new mesh network systems.”