Got this Flubot malware warning on your Android phone? Beware, it’s a trap

The infamous Flubot malware is back and hackers have found new ways to infect Android phones with the virus. Cybercriminals are sending messages warning users that their phone has been infected with the dangerous malware or suffered a data breach. These messages are fake. The users are then asked to click on a link to take action against the virus, but it is actually meant to install the malware on their devices.

Earlier the Flubot malware used to send text messages to users with a link to listen to their voicemail. The message has now been changing frequently to confuse people and trick them into allowing the malware to enter their device.

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A month ago, cyber security firm Trend Micro tricked users by offering fake voicemail applications. The text messages they would send contained a link that took users to a website that looked like it was run by a telecom operator. But they were actually allowing the malware to infect their phones.

Now, Computer Emergency Response Team of New Zealand (CERT NZ) has discovered that the hackers are changing text messages duping users into installing Flubot. The messages sent to Android phone users have been changing rapidly, from package delivery alerts, to warnings that Flubot has infected their devices.

The latest update by CERT NZ shows the messages claiming that photos of the recipient have been uploaded and they can be views by clicking on the attached link.