Hackers have a new target: Your Kindle

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If you think hacks and security flaws only affect computers and smart devices, think again. Any device connected to the internet, a computer or a network is vulnerable to attack. This includes surveillance cameras, smart speakers, smart televisions, baby monitors, routers and more.

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A security flaw was recently discovered in Amazon Kindle e-readers that can give a hacker access to information stored on the device and more. We’ll give you details on the flaw and tips on securing your Kindle.

Here’s the backstory

In an email to Kim Komando, security firm Check Point Research (CPR) detailed a flaw found in Amazon Kindle e-readers that hackers can use to take control of the device.

They gain access via a malicious e-book that appears harmless to users. When opened, it triggers the exploit. From there, the hacker can cause all sorts of mischief. Note: This flaw does not apply to Fire tablets.

Once inside your device, the threat actor can steal any information stored there, including your Amazon account credentials and billing information.

CPR found that attackers using this Kindle exploit can target specific groups. For example, if a hacker wants to target Romanian citizens, he can publish a malicious e-book written in that language.

CPR sent its findings to Amazon and noted that the online retail juggernaut was “cooperative.” Following this, Amazon patched the vulnerability.

Strengthen your Kindle settings

As with IoT (internet of things) devices, it’s important to keep your Kindle updated. It should automatically download and install updates while charging and connected to Wi-Fi, but you can also update it manually. This is helpful if your Kindle is in airplane mode or you haven’t charged it or connected it to a network in a while.

Since Amazon has fixed this flaw in a recent update, you must make sure your Kindle is updated…