Here are the craziest stories from the new Hacking Google documentary

hacking google


  • Google has launched a six-part docuseries called Hacking Google.
  • The series discusses major industry-shaping events like the Operation Aurora cyberattack and more.
  • Each episode is dedicated to each of the teams that make up Google’s cybersecurity arm.

From answering emails to watching YouTube videos, the web is a part of our everyday lives. Whether we’re checking our phone after waking up or logging on to start our day of work, we use the internet without a second thought. And not only do we often use it without thinking, but we also trust that the services we’re using will keep us safe from the dangers that lurk on the web.

However, keeping everyone safe while online is easier said than done. To reveal everything that goes into keeping you safe as you surf the net, Google has released a six-part documentary called Hacking Google. The series is focused on each of the company’s cybersecurity teams and their tireless efforts to thwart cyber threats.

Android Authority had the chance to view the documentary in its entirety, and here were the craziest things we learned from it.

Operation Aurora

After launching the stable version of its new operating system (Android) in 2008, the proceeding year was an eventful time for Google. Sailing on the high of its new OS, Google would later get a nasty surprise that seemed to stop everything in its tracks.

On December 14, 2009, VP of Security Engineering, Heather Adkins, and others from the department discovered unusual activity in the form of a single message sent to an employee. What appeared to be a simple phishing attack — where the sender attempts to get the recipient to click on a malicious link or reveal sensitive information — turned out to be something much bigger that would change the industry forever.

Once the link was opened, the user was directed to a website that downloaded malicious software that helped the attacker establish a foothold in one of Google’s servers. The cyberattack was nothing ordinary as it was able to learn and change tactics faster than Google’s local security team could handle at the time. As a result, Google’s security team dropped everything to focus on this one problem.

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