Osinbajo Rallies NDA On Production Of Warrior-scholars, Innovators

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says the assignment of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) goes beyond the training of combatants to the production of warrior-scholars and innovators.

7 Osinbajo was the Special Guest of Honour at the 32nd Convocation Ceremony of NDA in honour of Cadets of  69 Regular Course, Post Graduate Students and Honorary Degree Awardees on Tuesday, in Kaduna.

8 The vice president said that with the trend of crime globally, it had become imperative for NDA products to be equipped with the requisite knowledge to protect the Nigerian digital domain.

9 “The mission of the NDA is not just to train combatants but to produce warrior-scholars in the finest martial-intellectual traditions.

10 “It has fallen on you to be the generation of warrior-scholars and innovators that will confront our enemies with an arsenal of unconventional skills, unorthodox strategies and critical thinking.

11 “ It has fallen on you to be thought-leaders that will advance development both on and off the battlefield.

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Osinbajo listed the signposts and contexts of this new security environment.

13 He said, first, the military must prepare to contend with the mix of asymmetric conflicts, hybrid warfare, insurgencies and armed criminal activities perpetrated by criminal non-state actors.

14 “ These, are conflicts that are novel in their viciousness, but dated in their origins – they include the new threats of mass kidnapping for ransom and military leverage, the use of victims as human shields.

15 “ We now have to deal with the access that these criminal gangs and insurgents have, to sophisticated weapons, and lethal ordinance, the new possibilities of access to even more lethal and more devastating weaponry from the dark web and an ever-growing economy in illegal arms and ammunition.

16 “How do you engage a vicious lawless enemy along the lines of the Geneva Convention?

17 What are the new rules of engagement with…