How do I renew my internet security subscription?

I have norton and it wants me to renew it right now. I dont have a good internet connection (because I piggy back off someone in my complex) so I dont want to do it online. I bought a different version of norton (i had just the internet security, now I have norton 360). Will it mess something up if I just pop in my new software and install it? Or do I first have to uninstall my old subscription?

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  1. Nuoc Mam Boi says:

    it should be fine

    you could uninstall it first and install the 360 and then uninstall
    either way it should be fine, but you should delete it
    because it would be holding up space on your computer

  2. petermurrell says:

    Norton software should be smart enough to know what you already have on your system and install (and uninstall) any components that it needs to configure the new product.

  3. Young008 says:

    Go to the website buy another serial code thing so to get that buy another copy of the product and instead or unistalling it and then reinstalling it just type in the new serial code!

  4. Kugler says:

    Do NOT GET NORTON they are a scam, they allow stuff through the firewall and will not remove some without a high price payment so THEY can get rid of it, NOT RECOMMENDED. i had a backdoor prorat on my computer that they asked me to pay $99 for them to remove but i switched to windows live and scan my computer, they found the backdoor prorat and removed it like it was nothing

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