How to Scan Windows PC to Detect Malware: Step-by-Step Guide

You are your Windows If your PC is infected with malware or intends to perform regular scans as part of the digital cleanup process, here is some good news. Microsoft Windows has built-in security tools to assist in this process. It’s available under the name Windows Security, so you don’t have to buy paid third-party software.

Previously, Windows Security was available under the name Windows Defender Security Center, but today’s apps are pretty much the same as previous apps.[スタート]Of the menu[WindowsDefender]If you look up[Windowsセキュリティ]The options are displayed. Even today, Microsoft still calls the actual antivirus scan Windows Defender.

Microsoft’s built-in anti-malware software was considered of no value to technical professionals, but today it can compete with well-known names such as: Avast When Kaspersky.. Windows security can block 99.7% of threats.

High tech giant Microsoft It also promotes security in Windows 11 and can confuse individuals using older generation computers that do not have a specific hardware configuration.

However, when it comes to old-fashioned software security, Windows 11 It’s relatively easy.

To access this, it’s at the bottom left of the screen[スタート]Simply enter “Windows Security” in the menu search.[設定],[プライバシーとセキュリティ],[Windowsセキュリティ]You can also access by moving in the order of. This gives you a quick overview of the status of your system.

next,[Windowsセキュリティを開く]You can click the option to get full access to the application.

Here’s how to perform a malware scan in Windows 11

Windows built-in security runs in the background by default and strives to quickly block malicious data that invades your PC. You can also perform a manual scan if you want to perform regular spot checks.

step 1: To perform a manual scan[Windowsセキュリティ],[ウイルスと脅威の保護]Move in the order of.

Step 2: Click the Quick Scan option. If you want to perform a more comprehensive scan, it will take some time, but check all the files and operating programs. or,[スキャンオプション]Click the button[フルスキャン]You can also select.

Step 3:…