Jamf touts big boost to enterprise security at JNUC

Jamf opened its annual JNUC event for Apple admins today with a slew of announcements focused on device management and security, a new Jamf Trust app, further information on its recently announced ZecOps deal and other updates likely to be of interest to Apple IT professionals.

The company also committed to supporting Microsoft Device Compliance on Macs later this year, with support for Google’s context-aware zero trust framework (BeyondCorp) on iOS devices in early 2023.

What drives the Jamf way?

In advance of JNUC, I spoke with Jamf CEO Dean Hager, who explained the philosophy behind what the company is announcing. Ultimately, it’s a continuation of Jamf’s core mission, which is to bring complex enterprise tech integration into the 21st century by ensuring not only that it supports Apple’s tech, but that its implementation is married to the kind of consumer simplicity you expect on Cupertino’s platforms.

“We’ll kick off the event by asking two simple questions: ‘Do your users love their work technology?’” he said. “‘Does your organization trust all the access that is coming in from that technology?’ And it’s our view that you should see a resounding ‘yes’ to both. We believe that through the melding or the combining of management, software and security software, we feel like that combination is what makes that love and trust possible.”

Jamf also confirmed that it now manages 29 million Apple devices worldwide with 69,000 customers — that’s up 15% since earlier this year. Complex simplicity makes a difference.

Here’s what Jamf unveiled at the start of JNUC 2022