Judge does not order Apple to disable security on encrypted device

Well, well, well…a federal magistrate of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York has so far refused to order Apple to disable security on a customer’s encrypted mobile device even though the government assured the judge that doing so “is not likely to place any unreasonable burden on Apple.”

According to the court document (pdf), available on Cryptome which recently admitted to a leaking users’ IP addresses in a separate tech drama, the government filed a sealed application on Oct. 8; it asked the court “to issue an order pursuant to the All Writs Act,” and thereby force Apple “to assist in the execution of a federal search warrant by disabling the security of an Apple device that the government has lawfully seized pursuant to a warrant issued by this court. Law enforcement agents have discovered the device to be locked, and have tried and failed to bypass the lock.”

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