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Cameron Wilmot | Jan 10, 2023 2:22 PM CST

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered Chrome has an in-built feature to help protect your kids (and anyone, actually) while browsing the web with Google’s popular web browser. A recent Facebook post from the Google Chrome page alerted me to its “Enhanced Protection” security mode and family DNS feature, which we dive into below.

An easy way to protect your kids while browsing the net with Google Chrome 1

In the simplest terms, when turned on, this feature proactively monitors the user’s behavior in Chrome and blocks bad websites, downloads, and extensions before they can cause a problem on your device. For example, you or your child might be about to enter a harmful website that attempts to steal important information. Chrome blocks the website and presents a very obvious red screen warning you.

A little discussion with your kids would go a long way, alerting them if they see this obvious red screen, reminding them it’s a bad site and they shouldn’t visit it. Chrome can also scan any downloads before the files are executed for malware. Privacy advocates may not be impressed by the feature since some of your data and activity need to be processed by Google. Still, it should be a suitable compromise for most if security concerns you. Considering this free feature doesn’t slow down your devices as external security monitoring software and apps can, it’s well worth it.

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Jak Connor | Oct 11, 2022 5:40 AM CDT

A group of hackers that are suspected of being Russian targeted more than a dozen US airport websites on Monday.

Hackers target US public airports sparking response from US officials 01

According to reports from ABC News and several other publications, a group of hackers believed to be located in Russia targeted fourteen US airport websites on Monday, with some of the websites being LaGuardia, O’Hare and LAX. The hack brought down the website for approximately fifteen minutes and sparked a response from a US government official that stated air traffic control, along with internal airport communications and other critical operations, weren’t impacted by the hack.

However, travelers that were interested in wait times or any other information found on the website would have experienced…