Lilbits: Samsung Galaxy A13 and A23 launched, try the Steam Deck UI on any PC, run GrapheneOS’ secure apps on any Android phone

Samsung’s Galaxy S series smartphones grab most of the headlines since they’re the company’s flagship-class phone that typically feature the best hardware Samsung can put in your pocket (even if that hardware sometimes doesn’t run as fast as it could). But the company’s best-selling phones are actually in the wallet-friendly Galaxy A series. And now Samsung has launched two new Galaxy A-branded phones with big screens and high-res cameras… but without 5G support.

In other recent tech news from around the web, it turns out you can try Valve’s new Steam Deck user interface without holding an actual Steam Deck in your hands. It just takes a little work to access the new UI using the Steam game client on any Windows or Mac PC.

The folks behind security-hardened Android-based operating system GrapheneOS are releasing some security & privacy-focused apps to Google Play, allowing you to run them on just about any Android device. And Microsoft has completed is acquisition of Nuance and released an update to the command line Windows Package Manager (those last two aren’t related).