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In cybersecurity, recognizing your own vulnerabilities is as important as keeping up to date with the latest security tools. It is vital to understand how threats enter a system and how attackers could exploit your weaknesses so that you can tailor a robust security solution to protect your assets and business data.

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, applies the principle of offensive security before criminals gain access to your inner sanctum. Instead of waiting for an attacker to figure out a loophole, pen testing services allow you to identify vulnerabilities and manage them proactively. The paradigm shift greatly improves your security posture online, ensuring your network security is more than sufficient to protect your organization’s sensitive data.

Digital Defense employs the latest penetration testing methodology to examine every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Our professionals work systematically, exploring every avenue that mimics a real-world attack to see how effective your detection and response framework performs. We then use the information to improve your security controls and prevent future cyber attacks.

About Our Penetration Testing Services

Pen testing services are vital to preparing for secure operations, no matter your industry or area of interest. Our testing service aims to mimic a real-world environment as closely as possible, with our hackers using every tool in their arsenal to breach your organization’s defenses. As a leader in our field, we only work with security experts, so you can expect a rigorous testing protocol.

Every person in our penetration testing team is an ethical hacker, which means it’s their job to think like an attacker. The strategy uses every method possible to access sensitive data, from social manipulation to brute force that leaves no stone unturned. We will find any network vulnerabilities that could severely affect your organization’s brand image in the United States, the United Kingdom, or elsewhere.

Our penetration testing service isn’t only about probing for weaknesses; it’s also about finding the best way of addressing these limitations. Once the Digital Defense team has conducted a…