Pixel 6 Pro setup screen accidentally reveals face unlock option for one user

What you need to know

  • New evidence of face unlock support for the Pixel 6 Pro has surfaced.
  • The unreleased biometric feature inadvertently appeared as a backup security option when a user was setting up their new Pixel 6 Pro.
  • However, it remains inoperable on Google’s latest flagship phone.

Face unlock support for the Pixel 6 Pro has been rumored since late last year, but Google has yet to enable the security method despite having released two Feature Drops. Now, a new piece of evidence suggests the search giant is preparing to launch it in a future update.

According to a Reddit user who recently purchased a new Pixel 6 Pro, the face unlock option showed up during the phone’s initial setup as one of the backup screen lock methods. It specifically appeared alongside the PIN, pattern, password, and fingerprint options on the “Choose a screen lock” page.

Face unlock option appears in the Pixel 6 Pro’s initial setup screen (Image credit: Special_Command7893 / Reddit)

Unfortunately, the feature is not functional because the user found no option to turn it on during the phone’s configuration. Face unlock was nowhere to be found in the settings menu either. It’s anybody’s guess why it appeared on the setup page right now.