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iPhone 12 emits too much radiation

France orders Apple to halt iPhone 12 sales, citing radiation levels above EU standards.
iPhone 12 didn’t pass tests for radiation absorbed by the body, prompting action.
Radiation levels, though exceeding EU standards, remain much lower than harmful thresholds.
National Frequency Agency wants Apple to fix it via updates, warns of a potential recall.
Cellphone radiation is below harm levels; experts suggest using earphones or texting for safety.

Man steals $64K from St. Louis-area Walmarts with a magic trick

A man is charged with stealing $64,000+ from Walmart, including St. Louis stores.
He faces wire fraud and theft charges, arrested on Sept. 5, pleaded not guilty.
He would make a small purchase, then claim that he collects money, typically $100 bills. He asked cashiers to show him bills in the cash register, so he could examine them, and then surreptitiously place some of the bills into his sleeve or pocket.
Conviction could mean up to 30 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.

Three Missouri cities ranked among ‘best hometowns’ in nation

Hannibal, Kirksville, and Saint Joseph make the list for their community, affordability, and charm.
All three cities are in the northern part of the state, with varying populations.
Factors like diversity, farmers’ markets, history, and high school football were considered in their community scores.
Hannibal, home to Mark Twain, ranks among the Top 10 hometowns with affordable homes and a strong overall score.
Kirksville excels in student-to-teacher ratio, while St. Joseph stands out for history and farmers markets.