Why healthcare’s data breach epidemic will intensify in 2019 – Business Insider

Why healthcare’s data breach epidemic will intensify in 2019  Business Insider

Globally, healthcare was racked with more cybersecurity breaches than any other industry in 2018, accounting for 25% of 750 reported incidents.

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Stopping the Data Breach Epidemic –

Stopping the Data Breach Epidemic

We are living through a data breach epidemic, but it doesn’t need to be this way, Consumer Reports says. Security and privacy experts say companies can do …

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Here’s why the epidemic of malicious ads grew so much worse last year

Enlarge / A tech support scam pushed by Zirconium displays the authenticated URL of Microsoft, making it easy for some people to trust. (credit: Confiant)

Last year brought a surge of sketchy online ads to the Internet that tried to trick viewers into installing malicious software. Even credit reporting service Equifax was caught redirecting its website visitors to a fake Flash installer just a few weeks after reports of a data breach affecting as many as 145.5 million US consumers.

Now, researchers have uncovered one of the forces driving that spike—a consortium of 28 fake ad agencies. The consortium displayed an estimated 1 billion ad impressions last year that pushed malicious antivirus software, tech support scams, and other fraudulent schemes. By carefully developing relationships with legitimate ad platforms, the ads reached 62 percent of the Internet’s ad-monetized websites on a weekly basis, researchers from security firm Confiant reported in a report published Tuesday. (Confiant has dubbed the consortium “Zirconium.”) The ads were delivered on so-called “forced redirects,” in which a site displaying editorial content or an ad suddenly opened a new page on a different domain.

Confiant CTO Jerome Dangu wrote the following in an email:

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Hand-Held Epidemic Coming? Experts Fear Rise in Smartphone Viruses – FOX News

Most people are aware that computer viruses are legion. They know enough to avoid opening … the principal engineer at McAfee Labs , referring to attacks aimed at smartphones, “and it’s swiftly increasing.” In fact, many apps leave users vulnerable …
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