The 9 Cheapest Phone Plans with Unlimited Everything


Since the introduction of cellphones, they have undergone several revolutions to make them more suitable to their ever-varying customer demands. Lifewire defines a cellphone plan as ” a paid agreement with a mobile carrier allowing your cellphone to use its network to make or receive phone calls and text messages and to use the internet via cellular data.” These plans can be either prepaid or postpaid.

You can enjoy more if the unlimited data also comes with unlimited texts and calls. An unlimited data plan means that the cellphone offers you no limitations on data usage; therefore, the user should not be worried about going over or underutilizing the data limits you have set. This article will discuss the nine cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything.

What Are the Benefits of Using Unlimited Cellphone Plans?

Several advantages come with the use of unlimited cellphone plans. Foremost, there is the freedom to make local, and STD calls at any given time without the fear of accumulating bills when you are a prepaid customer. Many of them come with unlimited data plans, which are free, saving the money you would have used to buy another data plan. The plans depend on mobile applications, making the payment process very fast, efficient, and easy to undertake. Unlimited post-pay plans allow you to make calls /access the internet even when you do not have credit, thus taking care of possible emergencies.

In addition, you will realize that the plans have entertainment services such as access to live broadcasts and transmissions, which come as added advantages. Lastly, almost all of the plans we will discuss give their users a chance to send texts to users who are in different countries hence taking care of the high costs of international calls,

9. China Unicom

To march with the communications demands of its customers, the China Unicorn introduced unlimited data plans for its subscribers in 2017. The company charges HK$223.6 and HK$449.5 per month to its customers, and it does not have contractual requirements. To check their balance, subscribers have to SMS the word “ye” to 10086. If you are visiting China and have just bought a new SIM card, dial *#130# for free and…