The Most Famous and Best Hackers in the World

The Most Famous and Best Hackers in the World

What exactly is hacking?

The act of detecting and exploiting system and network vulnerabilities in order to gain unauthorized access to those systems is known as computer hacking. Hacking is not always malicious. White hat hackers may work in cyber security or as software developers and testers, looking for and fixing flaws.

Black hat hackers are hostile in their intentions. However, a significant grey area exists, occupied by political activists and hackers who wear both hats.

Every year, hackers damage businesses and consumers trillions of dollars. According to CPO Magazine, cyber assaults will cost a total of $6 trillion by 2021, an increase from the $2 trillion in losses estimated in 2019. Much of the cybercrime problem derives from the same internet properties that we all benefit. Even the most amateur hacker can easily find all the tools they need online at virtually no cost.

Not all hackers are malicious. White-hat hackers are those who utilise hacking to improve computer security. “Gray-hat hackers” are those who are only having fun.

But what about the malicious kind? They are known as “black-hat hackers.”

Here are some of the most notorious and malicious “black hatters,” as well as what they did to acquire their reputations and where they are now.

1. Kevin Mitnick:

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Kevin Mitnick is the most famous hacker in the world. The US Department of Justice described him as the “most wanted computer criminal in US history,” and his narrative inspired a feature film called Track Down. He is widely regarded as the world’s greatest hacker of all time.

What exactly did he do?

He was released on supervised release after serving a year in prison for hacking into the network of Digital Equipment Corporation. But, near the conclusion of that time, he departed and went on a two-and-a-half-year hacking spree that involved breaching the national defense warning system and stealing corporate secrets.

Mitnick was later apprehended and sentenced to five years in jail. After completing his service, he became a computer security consultant and public speaker. Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC is now his company.

2. Jonathan…