Week in review: 17 free AWS cybersecurity courses, exploited Chrome zero-day

Week in review

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos:

The blueprint for a highly effective EASM solution
In this Help Net Security interview, Adrien Petit, CEO at Uncovery, discusses the benefits that organizations can derive from implementing external attack surface management (EASM) solutions, the essential capabilities an EASM solution should possess, and how it deals with uncovering hidden systems.

How should SMBs navigate the phishing minefield?
In this Help Net Security interview, Pete Hoff, CISO at Wursta, offers advice to SMB security leaders and professionals on how to minimize the threat phishing presents to their organization’s operations and long-term success.

Requests via Facebook Messenger lead to hijacked business accounts
Hijackers of Facebook business accounts are relying on fake business inquiries and threats of page/account suspension to trick targets into downloading password-stealing malware.

Microsoft, Adobe fix zero-days exploited by attackers (CVE-2023-26369, CVE-2023-36761, CVE-2023-36802)
September 2023 Patch Tuesday is here, with fixes for actively exploited vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Reader (CVE-2023-26369), Microsoft Word (CVE-2023-36761), and Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy (CVE-2023-36802).

Microsoft Teams phishing: Enterprises targeted by ransomware access broker
A threat actor known for providing ransomware gangs with initial access to enterprise systems has been phishing employees via Microsoft Teams.

Attackers use fallback ransomware if LockBit gets blocked
Your security solutions might stave off a LockBit infection, but you might still end up with encrypted files: according to Symantec’s threat researchers, some affiliates are using the 3AM ransomware as a fallback option in case LockBit gets flagged and blocked.

Attackers hit software firm Retool to get to crypto companies and assets
Retool, the company behind the popular development platform for building internal business software, has suffered a breach that allowed attackers to access and take over accounts of 27 cloud customers, all in the crypto industry.

Microsoft Teams users targeted in phishing attack delivering DarkGate…