What Is It And How Does This Scam Work?

in the muddy area of information security (Should we say “insecurity”?) We find examples that resonate with the force, such as the hack that took $600 million out of the crypto game. In parallel with the big robberies, every week we see Ant robbery in digital scene Which are mainly broadcast through the App Store.

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A mod on the rise, though not as well known, wool goods, It is a type of malicious program that disguises itself in free applications and silently generates subscriptions to premium services.

What is Fleeceware? 5 facts to keep in mind

  • In English, ,to shave“hurting”, combined with “where”, refers to the word Software He drives away users, that is, they take their money.
  • wool goods It hides in innocent apps. These are usually free tools like flashlights, calculators, image filters, wallpapers, QR code readers or simple games.
  • Specification of Fleeceware with Apps It’s that they run fraud, even though they don’t have malicious code to infect devices.
  • Its peculiarity is as follows: they are installed on the computer and warn that will charge after a trial period. But they do it very secretly.
  • How do they raise money? Unsuspecting users do not uninstall fleaware applications, which start issuing charges after a certain period of time.

Fleasware, Apps in the Gray Area

These types of apps run Between legality and bad practices, This hybrid character explains its danger: by not including malware In the source code, they don’t necessarily turn on security alerts. However, they take money in ways not a saint,

New digital scams with fleaware, phone apps: They start cheap and leak money from you

As we mentioned, these apps secretly announce that at some point they will start charging monthly fees. The main victims are users who don’t review those details.

Another drawback is that, even when aware of that practice, Difficult to find drop requests and/or performance

Another fact complicates the scene: When reviewing the scores of these apps, many demonstrate a good reputation. Why? is about payment review,

Apple Targeted for Fleetware in the App Store

last week, Apps Fleeceware The presence of more than 80 such devices in the official store of the…