What is the difference between Norton Anti-Spyware Scan Tool Bar and the Norton Internet Security Program?

Let us bear in mind,Internet Security Programs are categorize into two:One is the “Real-Time” protection and the 2nd is the launch/ executable scanning method.Most of the real-time protection are the registered and the licensed versions.The launch/executable scanning method are the freeware personal protection programs. The licensed and registered versions are very effective because aside from updates,you have the immediate customer support online.This suggests that you must have two home computers, whether desktop or notebook.Just in case the one is crippled by a certain virus,worms,spywares or malwares,you can use the other computer to get the online support immediately.This is the reality in computer business.One compay is producing the computer,the other company are producing spywares & adwares that will result to viruses, worms, or malwares in order for them to penetrate your online computer for advertisements,of course much advance &ahead of these anti-things protection programs.

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  1. great one says:

    the toolbar scans for spyware only (mainly)
    the security program has anti-virus and firewall added to it and is better protection

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