Your computer has been compromised or hacked message

While surfing the internet, some users have seen a popup message saying Your computer has been compromised or hacked. Different users have seen this message on different browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. After getting this warning message, the affected users scanned their computers with the antivirus installed on their systems but the antivirus did not find any threat. If the antivirus threat report is clear, what does this message mean? Is this message real or fake? In this article, we will see what the Your computer has been compromised or hacked message means and what you should do if you see this message on your computer.

Your computer has been compromised

Your computer has been compromised or hacked message

According to the feedback of the affected users, their web browser refuses to close after they receive the popup message. Also, a contact number is displayed along with the warning message. When they contacted that number, the support person asked them for some money to fix the problem. On the other hand, some users have also reported that after visiting a certain web page, instead of the warning popup message, they heard a voice saying “Your PC is hacked.”

Some users were also told to give access to their computers in order to resolve the issue. This is a spam and misleading message. You should ignore it otherwise, you will become the prey of hackers. Moreover, if you grant access to your computer to the person on the call, he/she might steal the data stored on your computer that may contain sensitive information.

Such types of warning messages usually display either a contact number or a link. We suggest you do not click on the link displayed in such types of warning messages. If you do so, a virus or malware may enter your system and may start sending your data to the hackers. Or, clicking on that link may install a program on your system. That program may contain a suspicious code. Such types of malicious programs are designed to change the registry keys on a user’s computer.

If you see a Your computer has been compromised or hacked warning message while surfing the internet, you should take the following steps immediately in order to protect your computer from malware or virus…