Computer Security and Programming?

I”m interested in computer security, computer hacking, computer programming, etc.

I hope to start my Computer Security and Information Assurance degree at Norwich University in the fall. Is there any way that I could start to learn some things about programming and security before I start? I’m interested in getting into the U.S. Cyber Challenge next year. I want to be a Naval officer in Information Warfare, if not aviation.
Almost no experience in any of the above. All I got is Hello World under my belt, but I forgot how to do it.

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  1. Hari says:

    It seems you are an novie to these things,…
    First of all if you want to become an Computer Security expert,you need to have some expereience in the field and i am saying this because black hat hackers are always one step ahead of administartor’s and Computer Security experts,they will find a solution after a new style attack is made by them,while you trying for a solution they will find next hole like that…
    So better experience + courses will help you a lot..
    And you need to specify your qualifications,so that i can suggest my best for you…

  2. Andrew says:

    Yes, you can. Do lots of reading. Below are links to websites you can browse around to get an idea of some of the current issues, threats, methods, and practices. Also there are many books you can read. Some are dry textbooks and some are like spy thrillers. I recommend starting with something that’s like a spy thriller. If you don’t mind buying books written by convicted felons, the Mitnick book below is facinating.

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