friends in my computer Karspersky Internet Security has been installed?

when i open i get a message ” THE THREAT SIGNATURES ARE CORRUPTED” whats the real meaning.

while kaspersky anti virus is there can i install norton antivirus.

can both antivirus function in the same computer?

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  1. (+_+) B says:

    no. also pointless if you think about it. 2 conflicting programs that do the exact task. get rid of norton, stick with kaspersky.

    those error messages are each program recognizing eachother as threats.

  2. Someone says:


    I suggest you stick with Kaspersky. Two antiviruses running in realtime have a large chance of conflict. You could try updating Kaspersky’s signatures. If that doesn’t work maybe you can contact Kaspersk’s support?

  3. brainac665 says:

    No.Two antivirus may not work very efficiently in the same environment and also take up a load of resources causing your computer to slow down and you may also end up having a lot of false positive…

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