How can I keep my computer safe without internet security?

How can I keep my computer safe without internet security?
Like when i’m downloading, eg.

Should I use Mozzilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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  1. NcicHit says:

    It actually can be done but you done but you have to be very, very careful. I would not recommend it in this day and age. I think there might be a tech writer for CNET who does not use any security because it takes up too much RAM and he doesn’t like that.

  2. comtech391 says:

    If you don’t use any of it, nothing on your computer is safe and even if you do use it, there is a constant creation of virus, malware, worms, trojans and other things that will attack the computer. There is no 100% safe software to protect a computer.

    I run only two programs on all my Windows Operating systems that I have set up dual boot with Linux. 1. Microsoft Security Essentials, directly from their web site and 2. Clam Antivirus for Windows, it has two versions, one for Windows 32bit and one for 64bit windows. So far I have never seen any of the crap people talk about.

  3. D M says:

    I don’t use any security on my laptop because it takes up too many resources. But thats because i know what to click on and what not to click on. You have to be really careful. Just use AVG free!!! works well and wont slow ur computer down.

  4. jcurrieii says:

    The only way to keep a computer safe without protection is to never take it on line at all, and even then it isn’t completely safe. (A friend of mine had over a dozen viruses install on his computer from a factory sealed CD-ROM that he had purchased from the store the day before several years ago.)

    Surfing the ‘net with no Security is dangerous. Hunt around, you can find a decent suite for $50 or less on sale (especially if you can find a copy of the previous year’s offering in someone’s cheap bin…I found my first two copies of Norton’s suite doing that several years ago! 12 month’s protection for $10!).

    Even better, if you and several friends come together, you can pool your cash for a suite and install it on all your machines…if it offers 3 licenses, that’s 3 of you…5 licenses, 5 of you…

    Good Luck!

  5. AL sunlight says:

    Pipe up the security settings in Internet Explorer 8 to high and cookies to block all. Your PC’s OS also provides at least some security such as a firewall. Windows 7 is one of the best, newest, and popular OS. It has some safegaurds such as firewall and windows defender.

    But it is wise to get internet security. Paid versions offer maximum protection rather than free versions. And the internet is full of criminals, hackers, and spyers. Internet Security software provides additional security for your PC, especially from viruses, backdoor, emails, firewall, id protection.

    I’d use AVG Internet Security 9.0, because it uses unique scanning technology that most other leading companies don’t, such as heurestics scanning technology. Norton and Kaperspy don’t mention this kind of technology in their software. Your computer deserves internet security software.

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