How do I get into the Computer Security business?

I am a bunch of certifications. (MCSE, Ethical Hacker, Security+, Netowrk+)
What companies and how do I get my foot in the door?
Oh and if someone wants to let me know. What is the starting salary?
ps I am looking to relocate to NYC or Boston.

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  1. Gerard says:

    Well, if your resume is written in the same poor English that you exhibited when you posted your question, I would say that your chances of securing a reasonable attractive job at at best slim.

  2. dixierock says:

    Instead of trying to get a job working for someone else, try putting an add in your local paper, spreading the word, that you are willing to come to a person’s home, or business, and setting up the security needs, that they might have..There are all kinds of possibilities that you could do..You will be surprised how many people need a service like that..Good Luck

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