How do I get rid of three adware threats Mcafee security found on my computer?

I pay for Norton security but it didn’t find anything. I ran a free scan with Mcafee security and it found three threats. one called Adware-quickbar. Macafee didn’t tell me how to get it out of my computer. Help

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  1. jibbarjabar says:

    Scan for trojans, adware, cookies, and spyware and remove (free online scan, no downloaded program) with Ewido Online Scanner ( now known as AVG Anti-Spyware). This is NOT the same as AVG Anti-Virus. Press “Scan your computer now online and clean it for free!” on the left.

  2. ForensicGirl says:

    OK the first thing I would advise you is that if you pay for Norton and it is not catching everything it should then you should immediately look into “why?”

    To do this you should ensure that your copy of Norton actually is a complete suite (ie, includes all security tools like Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware, Anti-adware, etc…).

    Next you need to make sure that it is properly configured and completely up-to-date.

    Unfortunately many users are disappointed by their product because of one of those reasons I have described. Once you make sure your suite is complete, properly configured, and up to date… it will find the same problems and will allow you to remove them.

    As for removal… the scan you did with mcafee online probably only identifies the problems. Some online scanners will also attempt to remove them (like
    but honestly you should just get your Norton suite in order and you will be fine. If the only thing identified was some adware you are doing pretty good!

    Good Luck!

  3. JTB says:

    Try a online antivirus scanner and a online anti-adware/malware/spyware scanner in safe mode with network to clean up your computer BEFORE you download anything. This because the program you download can get infected.

    Disable “System Restore” for Windows Me and XP, then restart your PC to clean your system restore points for viruses, spyware, adware etc.

    Now restart in safe mode.
    To get in safe mode Press “F8” upon boot up.
    Select “Safe mode with Network”.
    Go to Start – Run – type “iexplore” (Without “”) Enter(ok).
    Do a full scan of all your drives. If something is found, delete it, reboot and do the same again in safe mode with network.
    When that scan does not find anything you reboot again in safe mode with network.
    Go to Start – Run – type “iexplore” (Without “”) Enter(ok).
    Do a full scan of all your drives. If something is found, delete it, reboot and do the same again in safe mode with network.

    **NOTE**: Do NOT do anything else with your computer when scanning in safe mode. This because you can start virus/adware/spyware/malware manually.

    When no one of these scanners are showing anything you can reboot back to normal mode.
    Turn on “System Restore”.
    Antivirus: BitDefender Online scanner – will scan and remove threats.
    Anti adware/spyware: Ewido Online Scanner – will scan and remove threats.
    **NOTE**: Only have one antivirus program and one firewall installed on your computer.
    Anti-adware/malware/spyware are ok to have more off.

    You need to get one antivirus program, one firewall, pop up blocker and some spyware/adware/malware removers if you don’t have it.

    Have A Look Here For Some Free Security Programs:

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