How do I install Verizon Internet Security Suite off the verizon disc I got with my router?

I have Verizon DSL, and have access to their internet security through the disc i got w/ my router. The problem is, my computer wont run the disc, so I cant install anything. How the hell do I run the disc on a Dell 530 with Vista?

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  1. Dr.Bucksnort says:

    please please please listen to me on this , take that disk out of your PC open your front door and toss it as far as you can . I can not begin to tell you the troubles i have seen that disk cause to peoples PC’s that have come in to my shop , there is NEVER a reason to use that disk , there are FREE products out there such as camondo firewall that is 100 times better then anything you will get off of the verizon disk

  2. Sep says:

    I wouldn’t use Verizons software. There are plenty of free security programs that work better than Verizon. Try AVG free or Avast.

  3. gary b says:

    I agree with the Dr, you don’t need that. There’s plenty of free security software at, along with lots of advice on anything digital.

    The links there take you to the official home site of the software maker, so you get a fresh copy, not like some of the sites that bundle unwanted junk with their downloads

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