i have mcafee &windows security says my computer is safe yet i keep getting messages that i have viruses help?

I keep getting pop ups that say that there are all kinds of trojans, and viruses attacking my computer. when i scan my system with mcafee there is nothing to be found. when i click the button from the popup to “fix” my system, i am immediately given the opportunity to buy a new computer security system from something called Internet Security 2010

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  1. Cerebral Assassin says:

    all i have to say is that AVG protects agains all these threats if you want to know to download it post another question.

  2. Menard K says:

    Ignore the pop-ups
    and NEVER buy ANYTHING that is advertised by way of pop-ups!

    Its VERY suspect that any advertiser would make a pop-up appear to alert you to YOUR system having somekinda problem and then try to sell you the fix for said problem.

    Some trips tend to give Capitalism a BAD NAME!

  3. merryman says:

    that pop up is a virus you should get spybot and run it immediately and if that doesnt work run trend micro housecall

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