How do i take my laptop computer through airport security?

i will be traveling by airplane real soon and i want to take my laptop computer with me so what do i do?

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  1. Ray KS says:

    Not a problem, just take it out of the laptop bag and let it go through the scanner… No issue!

  2. sonofstar says:

    Take your laptop in a case. When you get to the security check point, take the laptop out of the case, open it slightly and place it in one of the bins. The bin will keep it safe while it goes through the xray machine. I’ve taken my laptop through and it’s always come out the other end just fine. When you’ve gone through the xray arch, pick up your stuff, close up the laptop, put it back in its case and head to your gate.

  3. MisMischievous says:

    Take the laptop as carry-on with you on the plane, preferably in a case. They will probably take it out of the case to look at it, but that is all. I traveled from the US to Pakistan with mine last year without trouble. Just make sure and keep your eye on it as it goes thru the scanner! Do not leave it on the conveyor belt away from you.

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