My computer is infested with the Security Tool virus. How do I get rid of it?

This has totally screwed my computer, and I can’t run Anti-Malwarebytes to get rid of it because this Security Tool is cock blocking me from running it.

Help me get rid of this before I go insane.

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  1. Alex H says:

    Run something called Spybot search and destroy and it should immunize it and give you control back. :)

  2. Mike H Music Man in New Orleans says:

    Try Spybot – if that don’t work you may need to clean it out of the registry manually. If you don’t know how to do that a professional may ne rquired. I am a professional but not in fixing computers. My expertise lies elsewhere. LOL

  3. Guilty Puppy says:

    Cel, I got the very same one yesterday, it is a rough one, probably from Russia. I had to go it alone, without my computer guru to help me, he wasn’t home.

    I know what you mean about blocking you, it won’t let you open the programs that will let you get rid of it.

    I did kick it’s butt, but it took a couple of hours, it’s history now. It would have been easier and quicker if could have talked to Gunny. Today I discussed what I did to kill it, and how I did it with him.

    I learned a great deal about trojan horses by fighting it, that’s what it is, a trojan horse.

    You need to email me, it will take some back and forth communication.
    You may not have the same software on your computer as I do, but no matter, you can whoop it.

  4. LenniLei says:

    Once “Security Tool” infects a system, it will randomize the names and folder names. You may need to kill off the running process for SecurityTool in order to remove Security Tool. If you are otherwise unable to delete the files that you find, use the task manager to kill off the running process that matches the randomized name for the exe that you find. It will likely stick out like a sore thumb in the task manager. (Very few legit programs have 10 digit numerical names)

    After the manual removal, or at least the manual disabling of the active rogue, go back and run a scan with an updated version of malwarebytes to make sure the system is clean. The toughest part of the Security Tool infection, Security Tool will claim each program you try to run is a worm and is trying to send your credit card info to some host.

  5. catz says:

    i know a few guys here who will give you their tool, aside from that i don’t know! *cries*

  6. aaronrreagle says:

    I just removed this from mine.
    No need to download anything.

    if you still have it just email me and i lead u thru the instructions

  7. ag47 says:

    log into to safe mode with networking.
    go to
    download latest combofix.exe.

    run it. This takes about 20 mionutes you should be fine after that..

    (if you can not gpo to internet, get it downloaded on other coputer and copy it over on infecte in jsut safe mode).

  8. cassandras_evil_sister3 says:

    step one: get aluminium bat
    step two: find product service plan paperwork
    step three: well, u know!!
    step four: walk into store with reciept and pieces and say ‘ok, it broke. gimmie a replacement!!!’

  9. Shashank says:

    Format your computer and install a leagel antivirus with good brand to your computer.

  10. Jackie says:

    may i, at this time say ‘F the skewrl!!’ idk them but a mac joke isnt funny when ur infected. i mean u already have the hives, do u need more illness?? :))

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