My Computer is not installing the windows security update, why?

My computer in my sons room is not letting me install a security update for microsoft works 8. I have windows Vista in his room and i am not to sure why its not letting me do this. Had anyone else had this problem? I dint know much about computers and of course i am going to have someone look at it, but if anyone has seen this and knows why it might be doing this, that would be great.

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  1. NO6664ME says:

    You need the IE browser do do these updates or you can receive them automatically by going to the Control Panel ,then to Security Center,then to Automatic Updates,check automatic,the day you want these updates,click apply,then OK and close out the window.

    Or use the IE browser and go to Microsoft Updates at

    Note: You can’t get to this link through any other browser but the Microsoft IE browser and the updating software (activex module) of which Microsoft will install before you can receive any updates.

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