what is best computer security antivirus and where do i can download it for free without trial version?

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  1. laksa says:

    I recommend Ad-Aware Se Personal free. This is a great software but you have to manually scan and find the viruses. I also know of a free and basic Anti-Virus software called AVG anti-virus software. Obviously, you don’t get the best for free!

    The best place do download these is http://www.download.com/
    Search and continue downloading! Have a nice day.
    Please choose me as the best answer if i deserve it.

  2. Cody C says:

    dont get ad-adaware is not even an antivirus its for mailware thet you never even get. i have it and it never finds anything. download avg antivirus free edition from download .com. you wont be disappointed =] i personally think that avg free is one of the bes. much better then norton or mcaffe because unlike thoes, ave doesnt run a ton of stuff in the background slowing down your computer. avg updated evey day and wont let you down. i have free but my friend paied for the pro and i dont think its really any different. so try avg =]

  3. Hekmat K says:

    hey, I suggest you try kaspersky, it’s a 30 days trial. but you can uninstall it and install it each 10 days and it’ll 100% protect you, if you accept using pirated version of kaspersky, E-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll tell you what to do…..

  4. The Broom says:

    Avast Home Edition is better than AVG and is free too, all you need to do is register with them and they email you a code that you then enter, really simple to do. http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html.

    I’d also recommend spybot search and destroy from

    and ccleaner from

    As previously mentioned, I wouldn’t bother with Ad-Aware 2008 [formally ad-aware se] either as it seems a waste of time.

    I would advise that you always use the original sites when downloading programs to prevent the risk of downloading contaminated ones.

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