What is the path to land a job in information assurance / computer security?

I have a degree in computer science and have worked 6 months with the title of “software engineer”, but am considering an information-security focus.

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  1. toforama says:

    First path to hope for; meet the right people, and then be in the right place at the right time. Seems to me that this is how all the best jobs go. I only say this half sarcastically however; join an organization where security people meet at, for instance by joining ISSA (http://www.issa.org has more info on this organization).

    On the education side, computer science is good, but not everything. I’ve seen a lot of security positions want scripting/programming experience, so if you have that you have a leg up there. Go out and get your Security+; there aren’t any draconian requirements for it like there is for the CISSP (although, I admit, I’d like to get a CISSP eventually). Get your Certified Ethical Hacker certification; again, nothing too draconian for requirements there (although it does get more stringent before you hit higher certification levels with the EC Council). Really want to push it? Check out Capella University (http://www.capella.edu)’s program for a Master’s degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Information Security.

    If you can get a security clearance, that will help with a lot of government security positions as well. Most employers who require it will help sponsor it, but if you can manage to get a clearance first then it makes you that much more attractive (and much less of a hiring hassle) than if you don’t.

    Of all of these, go with the first; network and make your connections. Get to know the Infosec department where you work. Let them know you’re interested.

    Best of luck!

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