will a security suite keep my computer safe?

what combination of programs should i get to keep my computer on lockdown, a suite and spyware program? how many different programs should i be running? is a suite the only answere or can i put together a couple different programs and make like an ultimate kickbutt security program?

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  1. Sexy Scottish Kool Aid Man says:

    I don’t use a security suite , I use a combination of software

    Antivirus : Avast







    Spywareblaster ( just check for updates once a week and enable protection )


    I also use Comodo as my Firewall but you can use Zonealarm

    Remember you should use ONLY 1 antivirus program and at least 2 Antispyware/malware programs and only 1 Firewall

    All the above programs are FREE

  2. d3 says:

    No security suite can 100% protect your computer. Most computers get infected by downloading files that you requested or allowed the computer to download. Although virus scanners try to check these files no scanner can guerentee that it can stop everything. A lot of the viruses that get installed are compressed within executables and zip files which are sometimes hard to analyze by software until after they are installed. With that said, I recommend sticking with a main stream software protection set ie symantec 360. Although a lot of people recommend free stuff, I would not consider them to be your best choice if security is your priority.

  3. Ove says:

    I dont think you can make combo applications or anything, but im using avast! as an antivirus/malware, and Malwarebytes as a malware scanner, plus Trojan remover (30 day trial) and Fastscan in the cases of annoying trojans. Its been keeping me safe for some time :P

    Get a bit of education as to what to do in a malware attack anyway. Its easy to panick when you are suddenly confronted with a replicating trojan virus that has entangled itself in your dll network! (speaking from experience!) :P

  4. Hodonkain says:

    I use Zonealarm Security Suite ( it’s a firewall and antivirus all on one )
    It’s an excellent company and a world-leading firewall.

    I also recommend using firefox web browser over internet explorer.
    At the Firefox website, lookup addons and search for the addon called NoScript.
    That will block any and all scripts from running on websites that you visit.

    If you goto a website that you trust, like your credit union webpage or Facebook or YouTube or any well known and established company, just enable the scripts for those using the NoScript Addon.

    It may take some time getting used to it but it really shows you what kind of crap web pages try to do to get information from your computer.

    Also, the ZoneAlarm Fire wall is great because it stops information from getting in and information from leaking out of your computer, plus it hides your IP address so your computer is invisible on the internet when you’re not moving.

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