If i have internet security and a firewall, will limeware screw up my computer?

I have heard that limewire messes up computers, and puts viruses on them, but i have trend micro internet security suite… as well as the trend micro firewall… will limewire still put virisus on my computer?

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  1. Frank N. Stein says:

    No anti-virus/firewall combo will stop everything. You are allowing those downloads through. You will eventually download something that you will have a hard time getting rid of. Scanning the downloads doesn’t always work.

  2. MonserrateMWeb says:

    It is not the program itself, it is the opening that Limewire makes available that will mess you up.

    Whenever you use peer-to-peer programs like Limewire it is usually a matter of time for you to download something bad.

    Besides, limewire is not the best way to go.

  3. Shun210 says:

    Limewire is not the problem. It is the stuff that can be downloaded via Limewire that can stuff up your computer. You may download a song you know, for example: Black or White- Michael Jackson, but in actual fact, it is just a virus disguised with an appealing name. In most Internet security programs, you have to allow Limewire and other P2P programs access to the internet, so when you download these files which may be viruses, you are allowing them to get through your protection. Apart from this, most of the stuff you can download on Limewire is illegal.

  4. auggie says:

    It’s all in how you use it. I used to use Limewire but I now use Frostwire. I have not used Anti virus software in 7 years and have never had a virus from either program. Downloading porn on those sites is what will get you. Download only MP3 files and make sure the file size is not less than 1200kb and you will be fine. For 7 years I have proved that fact.

  5. nikknighten says:

    LIMEWIRE isn’t what puts the virus on your computer. Porn, Bad MP3s, and Programs is what can give you a virus. I suggest only downloading the MP3s. When Downloading the Music, I say you check out the length of the song or comedy stand-up against other files of the same song to see if they are the same size. If its 10 seconds or something like that, its probably bad.

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