What’s the best computer security software for consumers?

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  1. antionette_jazzy says:

    There are two options the Norton or the Mcafee antivirus they are really good.

  2. Bernz says:

    Security for what??

    Virus: McAfee or Avast (free and good!)
    Spyware: Ad-Aware (Lavasoft)
    File Encryption: TrueCrypt
    Backups: LogMeIn Backups or USB Key with Microsoft SyncToy

  3. MINDDOCTOR says:

    Being a clinical psychiatrist I have a moral and legal obligation to keep my pc 100% clean from all virus/spyware/malware.

    I tested every free and purchase antivirus system known. An I found only one that actually works 100%. Never had a virus or spyware in my system in nine years.

    I use an antivirus system used by the Government of China.

    Go to, http://www.filseclab.com and download thier Twister AntiTrojan Virus program. (You will have to pay a small one time fee). You will never have to pay an annual fee for updates, support or new versions. The one time fee is for life. ($29.99)

    The software company is located in Beijing, China. They have excellent support, frequent large signature updates an as always all new versions are free. No annual fee for anything.

    Comes with a real time scanner that really works. Actually I am quite amazed over the nine years how well it works.

    Scans memory on startup.
    Real time scanning in the background.
    Open any webpage with an embedded trojan/spyware or malware and scanner will clean on the spot. An It is really removed from your system.

    Download any kind of program from zips, all compressed files, software files, music, etc,etc, an if there is a hidden embedded trojan,spyware,malware, this program will stop the download and clean. An will advise you to end the download.

    Will even find a virus in the installer wizard, like “Wise Installer”. And will stop the installation while it is being installed and clean. Plus this program always will trace back who installed the trojan.

    I had a trojan in and wizard installer. Twister caught the trojan and stopped the installation. I wrote the origianl company and told them the wizard installer had an embedded trojan to steal your data. The company now uses thier own installer.

    You can’t beat this software for a one time purchase fee only. Actually I don’t know of any antivirus progam that even comes close to this state of the art technology.

    All I can say it is worth the one time fee. Your pc cost alot of money and you don’t want it destroyed. Plus your privacy is protected at all times.

    There is nothing in it for me to praise this program. I tell it like it is. If it is garbage then I will say so.

    For antispyware I use http://www.lavasoft.com –The free version of Ad-Aware Personal Se. (This company has been in the antispyware business long before any one ever thought of getting into antispyware protection).

    Also I use Ewido Antispyware, http://www.ewido.net –This is another excellent company. The software is not free, but will become free after thirty days if you do not purchase. They will just remove the guard and the automatic updates. You can perform manual updates and the guard is not really important. (I use the purchase with key).

    Sometimes I use, superantispyware, http://www.superantispyware.com — They are free and like Ewido will scan all 174,000 objects in my pc.

    Another excellent anti-malware program is A2Squared, from http://www.emsisoft.com I use either the free or the purhcase, sometimes as I have a valid key for the purchase.

    My firewall is ZoneAlarm, http://www.zonealarm.com I use the free version as they always give you all new version of zonealarm free and will auto. advise when new version are available for update.

    There are no conflict with any of these programs or with the firewall.

    Please only use one repeat one antivirus systems. And atleast two antispyware programs. (Two antivirus systems will give you conflict).

    Set your Windows security on autotmatic updates. I have my system set on auto., updates, I don’t wait for the auto download as every second Tuesday of every month Microsoft will come out with critical updates, unless they are forced by outside security investigators to bring out an earlier fix. I prefer to go direct and update, because you may be on auto. updates like I am, but Microsoft is much to slow getting around to downloading. Better to just go to start=Windows Updates= and let their computers scan your system for the latest critical updates and download.

    Plus always reboot your system after any kind of virus, malware or trojan is found.

    Clinical Psychiatrist, France

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